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I am concerned with the layers of appearance, and what lies beneath and beyond.

In nature I walk, observe and sketch compositions in ink, noting hues with watercolor crayons. In the margins I write such things as weather, time of day, and color nuances. These later inform larger, abstract acrylic and oil paintings in the studio. Each unique painting is the product of being in a particular location, and the memories of that time. Colors and textures weave a many-layered tapestry designed to elucidate the sublime both in landscape and in ourselves.

The Irish poet and mystic John O’Donohue writes: “For the Celtic people, nature was not matter, rather it was a luminous and numinous presence which had depth, possibility and beauty.” Cynthia Herron interview with Eric Wuest on April 12, 2013, KMUZ Salem; 25 minutes long.

Tuition/Intuition: Works by Cynthia Herron 5-minute video of Cynthia painting in her studio. Created by Lori Pettenger, 2013 Live interview with Cynthia, Dec. 30, 2016 KMUZ


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